Welcome to Comune de Cortemilia unofficial travel site. Situated in the Italian province of Cuneo, this town has a long history. Cohors Aemilia as it was formerly known as, the area has traditionally been a focal point as is witnessed in its architecture, art and seeped history. Today, it serves as one of the most famous destinations in Langhe with medieval homes with porches and the Bormida river flowing right through the centre dividing the city into two districts on either sides.

To the right lies San Pantaleo village and to the left the San Michele village both joined only by an iron bridge over the river better known as the Pontine. There are stories abounding this particular bridge and history has its own share of fables to tell. Some of the historically significant art monuments include the cylindrical tower, surrounding castle ruins of Aleramica and the Franciscan monastery buil by St. Francis.

Some companies across the globe have shown particular interest in Cortemilia, as it continues to become a dominant stronghold for international business. One such business which is looking at heading up an operation within Cortemilia, is One Sure Insurance, a national UK insurance broker. With specialities across lines such as Car, Van and Bike, One Sure is best known however for their connections with the Motor Trade. They offer unrivaled Motor Traders Insurance (https://www.onesureinsurance.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance) and are looking to see whether Cortemilia can spearhead their operations.



On the map you will find the municipality (comune) of Cortemilia in the Piedmont region of Italy under the province of Cuneo about 70 kms away to the southeast of Turin and northeast of Cuneo by around 60 kms. This region is not heavily populated and it boasts of a meagre 2511 population count spread over 9.5 sq. miles. The region is divided based on hamlets and villages also known locally as frazioni.

Frazioni de Cortemilia

The many hamlets and villages of Cortemilia consist of the following:

  • Salino
  • Sulite
  • Santa Lucia
  • San Giacomo
  • Doglio
  • Bruceto
  • Pieve
  • Castella
  • San Pantaleo
  • San Michele

Bordering this community are the municipalities of Torre Bormida, Serole, Pezzolo Valle Uzzone, Perletto, Castino, Bosia and Bergolo.